Bet On The Benson

Something for everyone — the guitar catalog equivalent of the Cheesecake Factory.
As the saying goes, Jazz is just three hundred chords and the truth.
This guitar has been to a fishbowl party.

While the modern Ibanez brand mostly appeals to shredders who like extra strings and carrying their guitars like briefcases, the Ibanez of the 1970s catered to a different kind of shredder, a suave and elegant one with a Burt Reynolds mustache, emphasizing traditional building styles and shag carpeting probably. Early adopters included John McLaughlin and Paul Stanley, who both took to their line of original solidbodies like gnats to light, but when it came time to introduce a proper signature model to the coffers it took someone a little Breezier for the folks over in Japan to put a name to wood. The legacy of the Ibanez George Benson Model is surprising — not only is it the longest model in continuous production for the brand, he continues to play and stump for them today. This model is part of the wave of quality builds that established Ibanez as a player in their own right on the world market, helping them move out of the lawsuit copy era and into something else entirely. 

No schtick, just check out our 1979 Ibanez GB10 George Benson online or in our shop!

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