Gibson ES-335: Anatomy Of A Burst-Killer 

by Ryan Gabrinetti, Burbank Shop Manager (Photos by Tyler LaCagnina)

The Gibson ES-150 model was a big leap forward when introduced in 1936.
It wasn’t long before players everywhere were asking for “one louder.”

Gibson’s Electric Spanish Series was an attempt to bring the old world acoustic archtop into the modern player’s hands, particularly those in the big ballroom era demanding the power of magnetic pickups on the bandstand. The line consisted of a variety of configurations with deep bodies, cutaways and artfully crafted trapeze bridges, typically adorned with one or more dog-ear P90 single coil pickups. Even with some friendly competition out west in Fullerton, Gibson’s Kalamazoo factory dominated the electric guitar market in the 1950s. Arriving just in time for the explosion of electric blues in Chicago and and the first wave of rock n’ roll throughout the rest of America, notable adopters of the Gibson Electric Spanish line included T-Bone Walker, Bill Haley, Chuck Berry, and B.B. King (especially with a stylish pair of shorts). 

The B.B. in B.B. King actually stands for “Big Baller.”
It knows what it is.
One more of our 1964 Gibson ES-335TDC, because we know you’re just here for the pictures.

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